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Podcasts are having their moment right now. Audiences are growing and so are the revenues in the United States. A study by Edison Research and Triton Digital showed that 73 million Americans listen to a podcast at least once a month. A study by the Internet Advertising Bureau showed that podcast advertising revenues rose 86% year on year to hit $314 million in 2017. But this picture becomes uneven, really quick if you look across the globe.

Growth and awareness about podcasts are largely limited to US, Canada, and select northern, and central European countries. The term “Podcast” is an alien term in some of the biggest countries in the world such as India and Brazil barring a few urban pockets. Some creators in India estimate that there are no more than 200-250 podcats in India. In contrast, over 25000 shows were added to Itunes just from April 2018 taking the number to over 550,000 shows.

We realized that the best way to to get more people to listen to podcasts is by making good shows easily discoverable. Podhead is a community-powered site where people can share and discover good podcasts. This is our attempt to spread the word about podcasts and do our bit to help the amazing creators out there.

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